A Python web framework that makes the most of the filesystem.
Simplates are the main attraction.

Success Story: Approximatrix

“I saw your talk at PyOhio this past summer. After the conference, I decided to give Aspen a try firsthand, and I found it a pleasure to work with. I have since converted my small business’s website from a cluttered, obsolete Plone installation to a very clean Aspen implementation. The site is at

“The site is almost entirely static with the exception of the News. The goal was to show News from the site itself and also from a product’s site, which was available through an RSS feed. I was able to build an RSS feed using Aspen pretty easily. Next, to get the news stories from two sites to appear on the front page, I simply used the feedparser module to request the news feed from the product’s site and the site’s own rss feed and assemble the page, all via Aspen. Not particularly complicated, but it did simplify creating and maintaining a simple small business home page.

“Anyway, I just wanted to share and thank you for the hard work on Aspen. The whole framework was easy to use, especially for someone with minimal web development experience like myself. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it!”

—Jeffrey Armstrong, October 25, 2011